Education and participation

To better encourage the appreciation and understanding of new music among secondary and third-level students, cultural education is really important. November Music works with various target populations, including primary and secondary school pupils and (music) students. Our starting-point is that the approach will need to change as well as what is on offer. For instance, sound installations can be used in an educational setting by students and children while there is also the possibility of hearing concerts introduced and/or visiting rehearsals or performances. In addition, November Music closely collaborates with cultural organisations and providers in and around Den Bosch. Simultaneously, it is pro-actively looking for partnerships.

November Music will expand the proportion of festival performances and events aimed at adolescents and children over the coming years through presentations and workshops for and by children in various age groups. To this end, we are working with specialised production houses, ensembles, and companies.

Amateurs participating in new music projects is very relevant when it comes to attracting new audiences to music in general and more specifically in the context of the festival. Together with the makers and ensembles, November Music will develop participation projects for amateurs in the years ahead. On top of this, November Music is taking stock of the requirements of (amateur) music societies, groups, teachers, and music schools in the region around 's Hertogenbosch.

November Music is collaborating with Huis73 on the development of several educational projects that are embedded in or associated with the festival, including a composition workshop for children, the Uitlokdag (a day for sampling cultural activities), and school performances.