Sounds Now

Sounds Now is a 5-year large-scale European cooperation project, led by a consortium of music festivals and production houses focusing on the disseminaton of contemporary music and culture. This project is in effect the result of several years’ collective discussion and reflection on our roles as curators dealing with the socio-political responsibilities that this role carries with it.

Primarily, we are concerned with the way in which curation (within the new music and sound art world, but also more broadly) reproduces the same patterns of power and exclusion that are dominant at all levels of our societies, all the more so because in our work we are all attempting to promote progressive agendas.

Sounds Now is consequently about actively stimulating diversity within our professional field and thus opening up the capacity and possibility for different experiences, conditions and perspectives to be defining forces in shaping the sonic art that reaches audiences today. The project includes a range of actions including labs for curators from outside the new music world, mentorship programs run by curators, composers and experts, productions involving artists who are concerned with issues of diversity, symposia and research. Sounds Now is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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