House Rules

🔻 The programme is provisional. Tickets will be refunded if a concert is cancelled.

🔻 November Music reserves the right to conduct a security search as visitors enter the concert venue.

🔻 Once the concert has started, nobody can enter the room except with the explicit permission of the person on the door during an agreed-upon pause.

🔻 Visitors are required to comply with the regulations and/or follow the instructions of the on-duty personnel.

🔻 Entering the concert venue and associated rooms and halls, as well as being part of the audience during the performances, is completely at the visitor's own risk.

🔻 November Music may take pictures or make recordings made, subject to the permission of the organisation in question, for use in reports, on websites, for promotional purposes etc.. November Music will avoid explicit identifiability of persons captured in images.

🔻 Distributing flyers or hanging posters in or near the concert venues in question is not allowed without prior consultation with November Music.

🔻 It is not allowed to bring pets or other animals into the concert venues.

🔻 November Music cannot be held liable in any way with regard to injuries, losses, or damages inflicted upon visitors and/or their possessions.

🔻Sound equipment can damage your hearing ability! November Music cannot be held liable in any way for potential damage to anyone's hearing ability. Earplugs can be obtained at the box office. 

🔻Specific (house) rules and regulations may apply at one or more of our locations or venues. These should be complied with and respected.