November Music is an 11-day festival for adventurous music lovers. Every year, it brings together unique and progressive makers and musicians from all over the world. It does not go with the flow or row against the current but creates its own novel trajectories. Experience modern composed music, jazz, new world music, music theatre, rock, installations and genres that you cannot even envisage. November Music creates exciting encounters and challenges makers to do a deep dive.

November Music started in 1993 and is spread across numerous locations in Den Bosch (aka ’s-Hertogenbosch). Over time, it has grown into the foremost international new music festival in the Netherlands. Since 2021, the FAQ Festival for electronic music is also part of November Music. Plus, there are collaborations with Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Gaudeamus Musicweek, and various other significant festivals and contemporary music venues. Verkadefabriek acts as November Music's central festival hub.