FAQ Clubnight

Tom Trago / Terrence Dixon / Soft Break & Nala Brown
Soundscapes & Electronics

za 05 november - zo 06 november

FAQ Clubnight

Tom Trago (23.00-00.30 uur)

Tom Trago has long been one of the leading lights of the Dutch electronic music underground; a globe trotting DJ, producer, live performer and label owner who enjoys nothing more than championing both overlooked gems and fresh sounds from his own country. He once claimed that he felt a physical need to make music every day, and it’s hard to think of anyone whose immersion in music is quite as complete. Trago’s first big break came in 2006, when hometown label Rush Hour released his debut single, 'Live With The BBQ'. In the years since, Tom has continued to turn out much-played, club-ready cuts, including such timeless jams as “Use Me Again (And Again)”, 'Hidden Heart of Gold' and his 2015 hook-up with Seth Troxler as T&T Music Factory, 'De Natte Cell.'

Terrence Dixon (00.30-01.30 uur)

Since 1994 Terrence Dixon is widely known for his experimental approach to Detroit Techno. He has been on some of the most prestigious electronic music labels such as Metroplex, Tresor, Rush Hour, Axis, Delsin, 30 drop, minimaldetroitaudio(mda) and Trip just to name a few, He also has rare appearances on Slam radio and nts radio, most notably paying tribute to Octavia Butler on its. His unique approach to live shows is the same as his music in which he makes, all original unreleased material expecting anything at anytime but with a very steady awareness to the dance floor and mind. Rush Hour Records in Amsterdam named their iconic store and company after Terrence’s track Rush Hour, released on Utensil Records in Detroit, from the album Hypnotic Culture.

Soft Break & Nala Brown (02.30-03.30 uur)

Representing the Rotterdam-based Ampfeminine collective – just like her club colleague and Selectors partner Nala Brown – Soft Break is bent on adding a variety of colour behind the decks. Her early encounters with her hometown’s drum and bass, jungle, breakbeat, hiphop and grime scene has resulted in eclectic sets. More than a DJ, Soft Break likes to experiment with the concept of collective consciousness through design, film, music and performance. Nala Brown has previously compared her sound to the dreadfully Dutch ‘kapsalon’ dish; smooth and crisp, yet extremely tangy. Translated to music, that means: tightly mixed techno tracks, lots of taste, sharp and often broken drum patterns, melodic basslines… maybe a dose of Nicki Minaj, if you’re lucky. Nala Brown embodies that night out where you utterly lose your way, yet all things blissfully fall in place.

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za 05 november 2022

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