Talent Development

Music Hub Brabant
Talent development will be one of November Music's key priorities over the coming years. We support makers as they engage in personal development and in productions. Important areas are artistic vision, finances, production, audience participation, and marketing. At the provincial level, NM participates in Music Hub Brabant. Each year, it takes under its wings several young talented makers so they can benefit from coaching, networking, and opportunities when developing and staging productions.

Rizoom is a production platform for the latest music; a collaboration between Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Korzo, De Doelen, Intro in Situ, Gaudeamus, November Music, and Asko|Schönberg. We pool our resources, expertise, and networks as we mentor, programme, and facilitate. In this way, we offer young talented new music makers the time, (head)room, and budget to freely experiment, collaborate, and grow at a fair remuneration and with an eye to long-term collaboration.